Employee satisfaction influences patient satisfaction

Measuring employee satisfaction is becoming increasingly important for hospitals and care institutions in home care, elderly care, care for the disabled and, for example, private clinics. That is why healthcare institutions are increasingly looking for a survey system or survey software. This is not only important for their quality system and certification, but also because of increasing staff shortages, organizational development or, for example, for reducing work pressure. With modern survey software, healthcare institutions can conduct modern MTO (employee satisfaction survey) continuously and easily. This provides valuable feedback and management information to focus on employee satisfaction. This also has a direct effect on patient satisfaction.

What would it be like if…

You no longer have to peddle and everyone is happy to participate in your MTO? If your absenteeism and turnover go down by 20% due to more satisfaction?

Modern survey software for healthcare

GrowPromoter offers the online survey system for measuring employee satisfaction of healthcare institutions, hospitals, private clinics and, for example, home care institutions. With our modern survey software for healthcare, you can always ask the best questions at the right time. As a result, research into employee satisfaction can be carried out easily and continuously. And not only for the survey among staff, but also for patient satisfaction. You can always see the results on one central online dashboard. The dashboard also helps you to translate the feedback directly into concrete improvement actions and to set priorities for better employee satisfaction and – if desired – better patient satisfaction.

Survey system not only for certification care

Measuring employee satisfaction at healthcare institutions is becoming increasingly common. But often mainly as an obligation for the quality system and certification. It is now mainly a small vanguard of hospitals, home care institutions, private clinics and institutions in home care, care for the disabled and elderly care that go a step further with their survey system and survey software. They do this mainly for staff retention, talent and organizational development and, for example, reducing work pressure.

Modern healthcare survey software with a short questionnaire is an ideal tool to measure employee engagement and satisfaction. An accessible, short questionnaire ensures more response and more in-depth insights into the exployee experience (EX). This offers more opportunities for employees (and HRM) to work on their development. And therefore to bind people to the organization for longer.

Stay flexible with your healthcare survey software

Modern research into employee satisfaction often uses different types of questions. A well-known measuring instrument is NPS (Net Promoter Score) or actually eNPS (the employee NPS). With the most famous question: How likely is it that you would recommend your employer to a friend or family? The resulting score is interesting, but at GrowPromter we like to look further. Because a short, smart follow-up question can provide much more valuable management information for the employee satisfaction of your healthcare institution.

Other types of research questions can also be valuable for this, such as the Customer Effort Score (CES), which indicates how much effort someone feels they have to put in for a certain action. With GrowPromoter you remain flexible to ask different types of research questions. Our experience experts can tell you all about the different methods and their advantages and disadvantages in your situation.

Which healthcare institutions already work with GrowPromoter? You see well-known examples hier.

Strong correlation between employee satisfaction and patient satisfaction

For healthcare institutions it is valuable to look at the influence on patient satisfaction in addition to employee satisfaction. And vice versa, because employee satisfaction in healthcare and patient satisfaction mutually influence each other. Satisfied employees in particular ensure satisfied patients and as soon as patient experiences decline, the workload often increases. Even if working according to protocols is abandoned, monitoring employee satisfaction is valuable. This often immediately leads to higher employee satisfaction. Monitoring this and being able to make timely adjustments is valuable.

GrowPromoter's flexible survey system allows you to measure employee satisfaction and patient satisfaction, as well as the correlation between them. That is very unique and can certainly be of great value to healthcare.

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