“We share all results internally on the intranet”

If they know the importance of measuring somewhere, it is at the Brabant engineering firm Coenradie. From here, fifty employees all over the world provide measurement solutions in various sectors. Measuring customer satisfaction ensures that the service can be continuously optimized. The results are shared internally and immediate action is taken where necessary. This increases customer satisfaction and employees receive a bonus for every time a customer gives a 10 as a mark. And that is becoming more and more.

The engineering firm in Oirschot and Breda works with the most modern equipment on innovative measurement solutions for, for example, construction projects, 3D and land measurements. Since 2016, customer satisfaction has been actively and continuously measured with GrowPromoter's online measurement platform. “After all, our customers determine whether we have a right to exist,” says director Wouter Coenradie. “We started measuring this to optimize our services. Because we do a lot well, but what could be better?” By asking customers briefly and specifically about their customer experience (CX), the engineering firm wanted to improve and continue to develop.

Internally, results share fixed measurements

The approach: as soon as an assignment has been completed, customers automatically receive an e-mail the following week with four short questions. They respond directly via the online platform. Among other things, they give a mark for the experienced service. “Our goal is always a 10, but at least an 8. By measuring we know where we stand and we also ask what we can do better.” The results are displayed internally in real time and uncensored on the start page of the intranet environment, if a customer so wishes, with the sender included. Employees can respond to this internally and, if necessary, the customer is contacted directly.

What does this yield?

Automatic measurement at fixed times and internal sharing of results gives the engineering firm more insight and control over customer satisfaction. “We now know how satisfied customers are with each project and why. If necessary, we can take immediate action. Customers appreciate that. We use the results to continue optimizing our way of working. This usually concerns details in the communication. As a result, an 8 can become a 9 or a 10. We are now also using the results for our ISO certification and to substantiate our customer satisfaction therein.”
In almost two years, only two customers handed out an unsatisfactory. “Once because of a misunderstanding and once we got a 5 because communication could be better. We took immediate action and both customers are still customers and now very positive. One also gave us a 10 the last time. We also see the average customer appreciation increase over time. So the approach works!”

Cash reward for every 10

Enthusiastic about this approach, all employees since 2018 receive a bonus of 10 euros for every time a customer gives the grade 10. “A small amount, but it can add up. It lives internally too. That's what it's all about. In 2017 we received a 10 24 times and in 2018 we seem to exceed that. I also hope that I have had to pay out as many perks as possible at the end of the year. That's a good sign.”
This is how the ideas for the approach grow. “By measuring, you come up with new ideas for measuring and optimizing. For example, we are also considering measuring after issuing a quotation. Because why does an assignment go through or not? You just have to choose the measurement moments well. We also don't want to ask customers too much. GrowPromoter also helps us to make good choices. That is very valuable.”

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