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Trial Experience


Free 30-day trial

1 survey

1 dashboard

1 channel (email)


survey flow

multiple languages possible

max. 1 user

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Pro Experience

€ 3500,-

per year

1 short survey (CES, NPS or eNPS)

1 standaard dashboard

1 channel (email)


CRM integratie

standaard survey flow

multiple languages possible

max. 5 users

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Enterprise Experience

From € 6600,-

per year

1 custom survey

1 custom dashboard

1 channel

personal alerts

automation flow

multiple languages

branding in your own house style

link CRM with API

custom users

Word expert

go for growth

Experience is growth

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Questions Anyone?

Can I try GrowPromoter for free?

Yes, we offer a full trial without an expiry date. You may send up to 10 invites during your trial period.

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Is there a maximum number of surveys and responses?

Depending on which package you choose, there may or may not be a maximum number of invites. View our prices for more information.

Can I have a monthly package?

We issue annual licences. The idea behind this is that growth takes time and that you can make up a final balance after a year.

Which package suits me best?

We would be delighted to offer you tailor-made advice after your free 30-day trial.

Can I amend or switch my package whenever I want?

An interim upgrade from Pro to Expert is no problem.

I use Salesforce. Can I combine this with GrowPromoter?

Yes, we are 100% Salesforce native.

How quickly do you provide support?

You can expect a response from us within 24 hours. When you contact us, we do all we can to be of effective service to you.

I have a different question. Where can I get help?

Our whole team is at your disposal. Do you have a question for one of our management team members or Experience Experts? You can find all direct contact details here.

“No one is dumb who is curious. The people who don't ask questions remain clueless throughout their lives.”

― Neil deGrasse Tyson