Happiness at work: HR's hopeless mission or not?

The 'Work Happiness Monitor' gives you up-to-date insight into the state of 'happiness' in the workplace. So that you can work purposefully with improvements. At the same time you also see what the result is for employees.

Happiness at work is a hype and scientifically extremely risky! The experience of happiness is strongly determined by someone's context, such as the (work) environment, culture and previous experiences. Is 'happiness at work' then HR's hopeless mission? Doesn't it make sense to work on happiness? Yes certainly!

In addition to good working conditions and a pleasant working environment, you can work on removing obstacles to happiness at work. From 'traffic jams for the boss' to unequal treatment or ambiguities about roles, responsibilities or cooperation. It is just where the challenges lie within an organization.

But what about measurability? And what is the ROI (Return Of Investment) of all those organizations that nowadays invest heavily in happiness at work? To get a grip on that, you first have to know what happiness is and make it measurable.


GrowPromoter likes to work with scientific results and models and developed the 'Work happiness monitor' based on the Perma model (from 2011). According to this model, happiness at work consists of:

  • Positive emotions at work
  • High commitment to work
  • Maintain good relationships at work
  • Experience meaning at work
  • Learning and performing at work

The set of questions related to this has been developed in such a way that things become comparable and you always have handy reports over time.

Would you like to know more about measuring happiness at work?

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