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Customer Experience makes the difference

With Customer Experience (CX) organizations make a difference for their customers . Measuring CX and continuous improvement contributes to their satisfaction. And makes it more attractive for them to become a customer again or to remain a customer. That's the value of CX thinking. The total of experiences a customer has with an organization is the Customer Experience. This largely determines the success of the organization. From brand awareness to orientation and from service department to recommendation. You can read more about this in the Whitepaper Customer Experience .

Collecting continuous feedback from customers via smart questions and connecting conclusions and actions to this contributes to optimizing the Customer Experience. How you do that is the central question in this white paper. How do you ensure continuous feedback from customers and what does your organization do with it?

A better Customer Experience (CX) provides companies with many benefits, both in business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) environments. This is what the numbers in the whitepaper CX say:

  • Companies with good CX are 80% more likely to retain customers
  • They achieve 3% more annual growth with 2% lower costs
  • With B2B, their win rate increases by 5% to 10%
  • They also score 10% to 20% higher on customer satisfaction 

Customer satisfaction research zonder betering

Many organizations consider Customer Satisfaction important, but follow this up poorly or only incidentally, for example by conducting a Customer Satisfaction Survey ( KTO) and focus on customer satisfaction software or customer engagement. Then there is information, but (too) little is done with it. Information is discussed without anything changing or improving. Shame.

Improve with CX

GrowPromoter makes CX measurable and advises on improvements. We develop special CX survey software for this purpose. Our customers use this for CX surveys, usually provisioning per touchpoint. You can read more about it in the Customer Experience whitepaper.

Researching Customer Experience

Short CX surveys allow organizations to examine Customer Experience in their organization. This makes them less dependent on expensive research and consultancy firms. At the same time, working on 'CX' comes within the reach of organizations with smaller budgets.

Customer Journey

In the practice of various organizations we see different developments around CX. These relate to the different touch points in a customer journey. Think about:

  • brand image
  • website
  • store
  • quotation
  • delivery
  • service and returns
  • billing

White paper CX

In the CX white paper we provide several examples with a step-by-step plan and simple 'to do' lists for developing the 'way of working' within the organization. In the white paper CX you can also read about CX measurements with Customer Experience survey software and what international trends there are regarding CX.

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