Download White Paper Employee Experience (EX).

Employee Experience makes a big difference

With Employee Experience (EX) organizations make a difference for their employees. Measuring and improving EX contributes to their daily functioning. And it also helps them to be and to remain healthy and motivated, so that turnover and absenteeism decrease visibly . That's the value of thinking EX. The total of experiences an employee has with an organization is the Employee Experience. This largely determines the success of the organization. From the recruitment of new employees, onboarding to saying goodbye to each other in a good way. You can read more about it in the Whitepaper Employee Experience.

A better Employee Experience (EX) also ensures a better Customer Experience (CX).

This is what the figures in the white paper EX say:

  • Companies with highly engaged employees score an average of 22% higher in terms of customer satisfaction than companies with little engaged employees
  • The companies have 40% less turnover
  • They work 47% to 202% more effectively than competitors
  • Their revenue growth is 250% greater than low involvement competitors. 

Employee satisfaction survey without change

Many organizations are used to doing 'something' in the field of Employee Satisfaction Survey (MTO) , employee satisfaction software or employee engagement. This often happens once every 2 years with long questionnaires, which no one really wants to do. It takes a few months for results to be analyzed. And the reports are discussed without anything changing or improving. Shame.

Enhance with EX

GrowPromoter makes EX measurable and advises on improvements. We develop special EX survey software for this purpose. Our customers use this for EX surveys, usually with a custom setup. You can read more about it in the Employee Experience whitepaper.

Investigate Employee Experience

With short EX surveys, organizations can investigate Employee Experience in their organization. This makes them less dependent on expensive research and consultancy firms. At the same time, working on 'EX' comes within the reach of organizations with smaller budgets.

Employee Journey

In the practice of various organizations we see different developments around EX. These relate to the different phases in a 'employee journey'. Think about:

  • employer branding
  • recruitment
  • onboarding
  • application procedure
  • work/life balance
  • vitality
  • safety
  • leadership
  • promotion and demotion
  • administrative business

Exit conversations can also be a relevant touch point in Employee Experience.

White paper EX

In the EX whitepaper we provide several examples with a step-by-step plan and simple 'to do' lists for developing the 'way of working' within HR. In the white paper EX you can also read how to switch from Employee Satisfaction Survey to EX measurements with Employee Experience survey software and which international trends there are regarding EX.

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