With service you can score, but don't you shoot in your own goal?

With the 'Service barometer' you visualize the customer focus of the entire organization. Points for improvement and concrete suggestions from customers can be found in the online dashboard. It quickly becomes clear how the customer experiences products and processes.

Companies are increasingly aware of the importance of customer satisfaction and are investing heavily in this. They don't always earn that money back. Are they investing in the right things? Often not, oddly enough. Usually they can make a big difference by offering customers better service, preferably with the entire organization.

If customers are connected or referred to another department for service, they have to tell their whole story there again. This quickly causes irritation (and extra work for the organization). This creates the 'closet to the wall' feeling. Not a pleasant experience. Customers (regardless of the channel) want to be helped properly, but many organizations are not yet sufficiently equipped for this. This is often complex in large and medium-sized organisations, especially due to the well-known 'silo thinking' (large departments that have started functioning as separate companies). Do your customers want more service or better basic services? Ask them! There is a good chance that they first want good (basic) service. Piles of studies underline that 90 percent of customers who had an excellent experience recommend an organization to others (five times more likely than customers with a negative experience). 76 percent of these customers also return for a new purchase.

It is so important to handle this properly. With GrowPromoter's 'Service barometer' you look at points that customers find really important. The set of questions related to this has been developed in such a way that things become comparable and you always have handy reports over time.

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