Employee Experience

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Employee Experience

An ideal work environment consists of engaged employees who attract more and engaged customers. For an optimal Employee Experience, you give your employees the opportunity to express themselves positively and critically during their term of employment. If you allow employees to be critical as well, they feel they have a voice and feel more involved in the company. Continual evaluation of areas for improvement provides HR with a golden opportunity to address issues and take action promptly. medewerkertevredenheid bij te sturen. Wil je meer informatie of een vrijblijvende offerte ontvangen?

Employee Experience

HR faces a new challenge: optimisation of the Employee ExperienceNumerous studies show a significant correlation between engaged employees, a strong brand and a healthy company. The following 5 factors contribute to the total employee experience:

Being happy on the shop floor
Employees become engaged employees when they are able to contribute to a social mission, carry out meaningful tasks, experience a connection to the brand, and feel involved in strategic activities. They also desire the freedom to make mistakes and to celebrate successes.

Supportive management
Management can make the difference. If it were up to employees, they would opt for inspirational and approachable management. This, in combination with transparent operational management and employee involvement in innovation, contributes to an optimal employee experience.

HR, only different

HR plays an important role in optimisation of the employee experience. It starts with an enthusiastic onboarding programme –welcome to the club!– maintain this spirit with a refreshing and supportive appraisal process and an honest reward system. Attract even more engaged and enthusiastic employees and make employer branding – don’t just say you are a fantastic workplace, be one – part of the organisational culture.

Up-to-date software and technolog
Employees want the same convenience on the shop floor as what they experience at home: up-to-date devices, software and methodologies.

More than a workplace
An inspirational workplace fires the imagination of both the employee and the visitor. The brand is reflected at the head office, the design serves as a calling card and there is sufficient greenery, daylight, activity, fun and a stimulating meeting place.


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The power of our platform

You can carry out different kinds of employee surveys with the aid of our platform. For example, employee satisfaction surveys, employee engagement surveys, employee opinion surveys, or onboarding and/or exit surveys. The power of our platform is reflected in its flexibility and ability to customise your own questionnaire. Naturally, our Experience Experts would be delighted to advise you on compiling the appropriate questions.

Closed Loop Feedback

Unique to our Employee Experience feedback is de mogelijkheid om real time te reageren op scores van een nader te bepalen ondergrens. Ons Follow Up-systeem, de Closed Loop Feedback, stuurt een alert naar de verantwoordelijke medewerker of leidinggevende die direct actie kan ondernemen richting de ondervraagde medewerker. Daarbij is er de mogelijkheid om als afsluiting direct daarna de medewerker een laatste effectmeting te sturen.

 The benefits

  • Immediate insight into employee experience.
  • Identification of structural improvements.
  • Targeted management of improvement.
  • Greater control of the employee experience.


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