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GrowPromoter goes beyond the supply of market research software for evaluating the experience of your customers and employees. Our unique platform provides expertise and a full service offering with in-house Experience Experts. A team that conceives the best questions, identifies weaknesses, translates management information into targeted actions and advises you on the next step. We distinguish ourselves in many ways and with just one goal: for your customers and employees to enjoy the most optimal experience so that you achieve the desired growth.

Sending and retrieving in one place

Ask for feedback from your CRM. And save feedback within that CRM on individually level.

Look at personal reports in the CRM

A personal dashboard consists of relevant reports. It is found in the GrowPromoter frame in your CRM.

Look at the big picture in 360 degrees

Zoom back and forth through recent and historic feedback in your CRM. That’s the magic of a 360 view.

Integration with systems in place

Thanks to smart API’s (Application Programming Interface) our software integrates with CRM’s, ERP’s and other systems. Saving time and money spent on exports, imports and programming.

Schedule EX and CX improvements

Make improvements a continuous process. Plan EX and CX measurements for a specific date and time go improve respons. The ‘schedule’ toolkit helps you do it.

Empower people with dialog

A unique feature within our solution is Follow Up: the opportunity to respond to feedback in an instant, making use of a flexible threshold. Get in touch and turn a negative experience into a positive one.

Go for growth

Experience is growth

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“You can observe a lot by watching and you can also learn a lot by listening.”

― Yogi Berra


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