Customer Experience

Customer Experience

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Customer Experience

Customer Experience is the sum total of all interaction with a client via all possible channels. Positive customer interaction produces a better customer experience. And a better customer experience influences customer loyalty. You can monitor how customers rate the interaction with and services of your company daily and in real time with the aid of our market research survey software. Identify areas for improvement, respond immediately to customer needs and strengthen the connection with your customers. Customer Experience heeft effect op de klantloyaliteit. Met behulp van onze marktonderzoek enquête software en platform monitort u dagelijks en in real time hoe klanten het contact en de services van uw bedrijf ervaren. Signaleer verbeterpunten, speel direct in op klantbehoeften en versterk de binding met uw klanten.

Customer Experience

Potential customers go through different phases during their customer journey: from orientation to purchasing the products and services. They have contact through all kinds of channels: online, e-mail, an app, a retail channel, social media, telephone or in person. They use these channels in all sorts of ways in the different phases. The goal is of course to make every customer contact valuable in order to optimize the total customer experience.

The added value of CX

When we talk about the Customer Experience we are talking about making customer experiences measurable and researching, making brand involvement measurable and relevance.

Oftewel: consumenten die op het juiste moment de informatie krijgen die hen helpt om uiteindelijk hun behoeftes te vervullen. GrowPromoter bezit veel expertise op het gebied van analyseren en adviseren: twee belangrijke Customer Experience systemen.

Analysis and advice

GrowPromoter excels in the collection and analysis of data derived from surveys to understand the customer better. Posing smart questions and analysing the answers gives greater insight into the customer experience. Based on the analyses and conclusions, we advise you on undertaking targeted actions to improve customer experience.

All results of customer surveys

In a handy dashboard and in the CRM?

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Experience is 'the glue' between your
customer and your company

The power of our platform

You can carry out different kinds of market research surveys with the aid of our platform. For example, customer satisfaction surveys, needs analyses, feasibility studies, or brand recognition surveys. The power of our platform is reflected in its flexibility and the ability to customise your own questionnaire. Naturally, our Experience Experts would be delighted to advise you on compiling the appropriate questions.

Closed Loop Feedback

Unique to our Customer Experience feedback is the possibility

to respond in real time to a lower limit to be determined. Our Follow Up system, the Closed Loop Feedback, sends an alert to the responsible employee or manager who can take immediate action towards the questioned employee. In addition, there is the option of sending the employee a final effect measurement as a conclusion immediately afterwards

The benefits

Immediate insight into customer experience

Identification of structural improvements.

Targeted management of improvement.

Greater control of the customer experience


Sales growth and cost savings with CX measurements?

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“The road to succes is always under construction.”

― Louis van Gaal


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