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Satisfaction research in the Equipment sector is not only aimed at customers, but also strongly at the experience, satisfaction and growth potential of employees. Because they offer the service that ensures higher customer satisfaction. Employee satisfaction survey (MTO) and measuring employee involvement are also important to bind (technical) staff and to allow them to develop further.

Employee and customer satisfaction survey Equipment sector

Satisfaction research in the Equipment sector is not only aimed at customers, but also strongly at the experience, satisfaction and growth potential of employees. Because they offer the service that ensures higher customer satisfaction. Employee satisfaction survey (MTO) and the measuring employee engagement is also important to bind (technical) personnel and to to develop further. With online feedback software you can conduct satisfaction surveys in an increasingly accessible, faster and continuous manner. This ensures more and better feedback and therefore richer control information. This allows you to immediately carry out improvement actions. You can view the results immediately.

Employee satisfaction survey (MTO) for equipment companies

GrowPromoter is the modern platform for satisfaction research among employees and customers of equipment companies. With this online feedback software you can ask the right questions at the right time to measure employee engagement, customer experience and satisfaction or to measure the growth potential of employees. A classic MTO (employee satisfaction survey) used to take an employee half an hour (or longer). Now employees can give you a lot of valuable insights in less than two minutes.

The results of the MTO can be viewed immediately and realtime on your online dashboard. GrowPromoter's Experience Experts also help you - at the best times - to ask the right smart questions. Your dashboard also helps to translate feedback from satisfaction surveys directly into new priorities and concrete improvement actions.

How would it be if..?

Everyone participates in your employee satisfaction survey? And this saves you 90% time and the results are immediately insightful in real time?

Measure growth potential and employee engagement

A modern employee satisfaction survey (with a short questionnaire) is an ideal tool to measure employee involvement or, for example, the growth potential of employees. An accessible, short questionnaire ensures a higher response and more in-depth insights into the growth potential and involvement of employees. This offers additional opportunities for employees (and HRM) to develop themselves and therefore also to retain staff for a longer period of time. This is of course especially valuable for technical personnel.

A modern employee satisfaction survey often uses NPS (the Net Promoter Score) or rather: eNPS (the employee NPS). You are probably familiar with this well-known eNPS question: How likely is it that you would recommend your employer to people you know? The score percentage is interesting, but we like to look a few layers deeper. One short smart follow-up question can already provide much more valuable feedback for your employee satisfaction survey and targeted improvement actions in your organization.

Moreover, with GrowPromoter you remain flexible to ask other research questions. You are therefore not obliged to use (e)NPS. Our Experience Experts can tell you all about the possibilities.

Connect customer experience research and employee satisfaction

Certainly in the Equipment sector: satisfied employees in particular ensure satisfied customers with their service. Customer needs are therefore increasingly leading the composition of the workforce and the development of employees. That is why with GrowPromoter you can measure the employee experience (EX) and the customer experience (CX), plus the relationship between the two. This offers new insights for customer satisfaction research and, for example, the possibility to link customers to employees with whom they have the best click. But satisfaction surveys often start with a focus on EX or CX. You can simply link the second component to GrowPromoter later.

Became curious?

Would you like to know more about satisfaction surveys among employees, customers or both? Or about the possibilities that GrowPromoter offers for your organization? Ask us your question directly and without obligation.

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