Surveying Patient Satisfaction with PREM, PROM & MORE

Researching patient satisfaction and measuring patient experiences has taken off strongly in healthcare institutions. First mainly due to the introduction of regulated market forces in healthcare (2006). But now more and more hospitals, general practitioners, dentists, pharmacies and organizations in home care, care for the elderly and, for example, care for the disabled are also looking further for their patient satisfaction surveys. Measuring the subjective experienced experiences of patients in particular is becoming increasingly important. It is therefore valuable to look beyond the PREM and PROM surveys and questionnaires. Healthcare institutions must above all remain flexible with their measurement methods and also keep a close eye on the connections with employee satisfaction.

What would it be like if…

All forms of satisfaction surveys are transparent on one dashboard? If your satisfaction survey also results in better quality of care and more customized care?

Modern survey software for healthcare

GrowPromoter offers the modern platform for researching patient satisfaction and employee satisfaction. This is possible with PREM and PROM questionnaires, but also with other measurement methods and surveys. You can even measure the correlation between employee and patient satisfaction. With our online survey software for healthcare, you can always ask the best questions at the right time. As a result, patient satisfaction research can be carried out easily and continuously. You can see all results real-time and centrally on one dashboard. This online dashboard also helps you to translate the feedback directly into concrete improvement actions and priorities. More and more hospitals, dentists, pharmacies, elderly care and home care institutions are therefore choosing GrowPromoter for their patient satisfaction survey and other measurements.

More than PREM & PROM questionnaires and surveys

Well-known methods in patient satisfaction surveys are PROM (Patient Reported Outcome Measures) and PREM (Patient Reported Experience Measures). Because research into patient satisfaction is still strongly dominated by mandatory measurements (by health insurers), PREM and PROM surveys and questionnaires do not yet collect much valuable feedback and control information for healthcare institutions.

Fortunately, with modern survey software, one does not exclude the other. In addition to their mandatory research in their patient satisfaction survey and questionnaires, healthcare institutions can also ask additional questions about patient satisfaction. Especially for those points that they consider important. Measuring the subjectively experienced patient experiences in particular is becoming increasingly important. Other measurement methods are interesting for this. A model by professor Sjaak Bloem with only seven questions, for example, is valuable for actually offering patients customized care. 

Patient satisfaction survey with short questionnaire

Modern survey software is an ideal tool for all satisfaction surveys in healthcare. A patient satisfaction survey with an accessible, short questionnaire ensures more response and in-depth insights. For example, healthcare institutions can collect management information to really work on better healthcare processes, healthcare quality, higher patient satisfaction and, for example, offering more customized healthcare.

Which healthcare institutions already work with GrowPromoter? You see well-known examples hier.

Pharmacy patient satisfaction survey

Among the more than twenty healthcare institutions that already work with the GrowPromoter survey software, there are a striking number of providers of pharmaceutical care (pharmacies). These pharmacies do this not only for patient satisfaction research, but also for their employee satisfaction survey (MTO). The insights into the employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX) can help the pharmacies with their overall organizational development.

Strong interaction patient satisfaction and employee satisfaction

Especially for healthcare institutions, it is interesting to look closely at the influence on their employee satisfaction in addition to patient satisfaction. Because it is precisely in healthcare that the CX and EX strongly influence each other. Satisfied employees in particular ensure higher patient satisfaction and if the patient experience becomes less positive, the workload usually increases immediately. Being able to monitor and adjust this cohesion is of course valuable and offers great opportunities, especially in the healthcare sector.

With GrowPromoter's survey software you remain flexible to ask different types of research questions. And you can measure patient satisfaction and employee satisfaction, as well as the mutual relationship. Our experience experts help you ask the right questions and can tell you all about the different measurement methods for your situation and organizational objectives.

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