Image research at law firms and notary offices

For business service providers such as lawyers, notaries and consultancy organizations, image research and customer satisfaction survey increasingly important. Where previously the focus was mainly on their own knowledge and professionalism, there is an increasing focus on customer satisfaction. At the same time, the existing focus on employee satisfaction at law firms and civil-law notaries' offices is growing, especially to retain talent and to develop talent. With modern feedback software, the image research and satisfaction survey among customers and employees can be carried out continuously and more easily. This provides valuable feedback and management information for the often desiredoperational excellence. With this, improvement actions can be started immediately to improve employee and customer satisfaction in a targeted manner.

What would it be like if…

Anyone with customer contact knows what customer feedback is? Customers and employees almost automatically participate in a satisfaction survey?

Modern image research for the legal profession and notarial profession

GrowPromoter offers the legal profession and notarial profession the online platform for research into image, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction. With our flexible feedback software, a law firm, notary office or, for example, a consultant organization can ask the best questions at the right time. On one central online dashboard you can see the results and feedback from customers or employees immediately and in real time. If desired, this can also be done for customers and employees, with attention to the relationship between the two.

At GrowPromoter, Experience Experts help to ask the right smart questions, always at the best time. With your online dashboard you can immediately translate the feedback into concrete improvement actions. The dashboard also helps you to make this translation for thecustomer experience (CX) or exployee experience (EX).

Need to ask customers NPS, CES or other questions?

Law firms and notary firms can use very different measurement methods for image research and satisfaction surveys. That means: also ask other types of questions to customers or employees. Most well known are questions for the Net Promoter Score (NPS). For example, you ask:How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague? The score that this most famous NPS question yields is interesting. But GrowPromoter looks further. Because one short, smart follow-up question can often provide you with much more valuable feedback and management information.

Other research questions may also be valuable for this purpose. For example, questions for your Customer Effort Score (CES) indicate how much effort someone feels it takes to complete an action. With us you remain flexible to ask different types of research questions. Our measuring experts can tell you everything about the different measuring methods, their advantages and disadvantages and the consequences.

Which lawyers and civil-law notaries already work with GrowPromoter? You see well-known examples hier.

The correlation between employee and customer satisfaction at your office

Due to growing order portfolios and increasing scarcity of talent, in addition to customer satisfaction surveys, modern research into employee satisfaction (MTO) more and more important for knowledge-intensive service providers such as law firms, notary offices and other business service providers such as consultants, accountants, tax advisors and administrative offices. The exployee experience(EX) and employee needs are important because satisfied specialists in particular lead to satisfied customers.

You can use GrowPromoter's flexible measurement platform for employee and customer satisfaction surveys. With our feedback software you can also measure the relationship between CX and EX. Satisfaction research often starts with an image survey among customers. What do they think of you? We can then zoom in on specific themes and, for example, employee satisfaction.

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