Satisfaction and proposition model in wholesale

Customer satisfaction surveys and employee satisfaction surveys (MTO) are becoming increasingly important for wholesalers. Not only to get a better grip on the customer experience  (CX) of customers, but also to determine the value proposition of customers with a value proposition model. With modern online feedback software, this satisfaction survey can be conducted in an increasingly shorter, more accessible and continuous manner. This provides more valuable feedback and richer control information. This allows you to immediately carry out improvement actions. The data is also valuable if you want to get started with a wholesale value proposition canvas tool.

How would it be if..?

All forms of satisfaction surveys can be viewed in real time on one dashboard? Anyone with customer contacts knows what customer feedback is?

Modern customer research at a wholesaler

GrowPromoter offers wholesale companies the online platform for customer satisfaction research and employee satisfaction research. With the modern, flexible and scalable feedback software, you always ask the best questions at the right time to investigate customer experiences and set up customer feedback systems. You can immediately see the results (in real time) on the online dashboard. Experience Experts from GrowPromoter also help your wholesaler to always ask the right smart questions at the best time. With the dashboard, your users can immediately translate the feedback into concrete improvement actions and new priorities for a better CX.

Value proposition model for wholesale

In addition to customer satisfaction, value proposition research is also important for the wholesaler. This value proposition answers the question of why customers choose you over competitors. This is important to clearly define the distinctive character of the organization or products. This is possible with a value proposition model. Good feedback software is also valuable for this.

Value Proposition Canvas tool wholesale

The Value Proposition Canvas (also known as Value Proposition Canvas) is a good next step after, for example, working with a Business Model Canvas (BMC). The BMC is used to develop, research or change new and existing business models. With the help of a Value Proposition Canvas tool you go more specifically into the value proposition per customer segment.

The Value Proposition Canvas is a schematic representation of what your target audience wants and what you have to offer them. With a canvas tool you investigate, in addition to the value, especially the needs of customers. This is therefore closely intertwined with the customer satisfaction survey. This can provide a lot of valuable data to use in a Value Proposition Canvas tool. Read here how you can Value Proposition Canvas in practice .

Customer satisfaction survey with NPS or other questions

Wholesale companies can use very different measurement methods for their value proposition and customer satisfaction research. The most well-known is the Net Promoter Score (NPS) with the most famous question: How likely is it that you will recommend us to people you know? That can be interesting, but GrowPromoter likes to watch further. Because one smart follow-up question can yield much more valuable feedback. Other methods and types of questions and feedback can also be important. Such as CES (the Customer Effort Score), which indicates the extent to which a customer feels he or she must make an effort to complete an action (such as making a purchase or calling for help from customer service).

With GrowPromoter you always remain flexible to use different methods and ask various types of feedback questions. So you are not required to use NPS or CES. Our Experience Experts can tell you all about the possibilities and consequences.

The EX and employee satisfaction survey at the wholesaler

In addition to measuring customer experiences and needs, the wholesaler also uses the exployee experience (EX) and employee satisfaction surveys are becoming increasingly important. Due to growth and additional vacancies, but also due to increasing shortages in the labor market. And of course the HRM challenges of retaining, attracting or developing talents with personnel with the right competencies.

In the coming years, employee surveys will increasingly be conducted in combination with customer satisfaction surveys. Because in the end, it is mainly satisfied and motivated staff that leads to satisfied customers. And customer needs are also increasingly determining the workforce and HR policy of organizations.

Measure the EX and CX in conjunction

GrowPromoter's online measuring platform is suitable for measuring both the CX and the EX. So you can use it as an online customer feedback system, but also to measure employee experiences with modern satisfaction surveys. But usually it starts with measuring the CX or the EX. The other component can simply be linked to it later.

Became curious?

Or do you have other questions about research into customer satisfaction or employee satisfaction at a wholesaler? Ask us your question directly and without obligation.

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