Satisfaction survey at municipalities on the rise

Conducting customer satisfaction surveys and employee satisfaction surveys is becoming increasingly important for municipalities and other (semi) government institutions. Researching customer experiences is important to see how citizens experience services or think about their place of residence or certain government initiatives or projects. Employee Satisfaction Survey is becoming increasingly important due to the increasing shortage on the labor market and to ensure retention, promotion or sustainable employability of personnel within the own organization.

With modern feedback software, this satisfaction survey can be performed in an increasingly accessible and continuous way. This ensures better feedback and control information. This allows municipalities and other (semi) governments to carry out targeted improvement actions. They can also view the results immediately.

What would it be like if…

Customer feedback is used directly in daily work? Would an employee satisfaction survey only take 10% of the time?

Researching customer experiences at municipalities

GrowPromoter has the online platform for municipalities (and other governments) to investigate customer experiences among citizens and – within their own organization – among staff. With the online research software, organizations always ask the best questions for customer satisfaction research or employee satisfaction research at the right time.

Tijdens het klantervaringen onderzoeken bij gemeentes zien de gebruikers met GrowPromoter de resultaten direct (realtime) op hun online dashboard. Specialisten van GrowPromoter helpen ook om op het beste moment de juiste slimme vragen te stellen. Het dashboard helpt bovendien om de klantervaringen en feedback van onderzoeken direct te vertalen naar concrete verbeteracties.

Continuous customer satisfaction survey of municipality and government

Municipalities and other (semi) government institutions play an important role for citizens. In recent years, many task shifts have also taken place between governments. Municipalities in particular have been given many additional tasks as a result. Partly because of this, municipalities find customer satisfaction surveys increasingly important and they actually want to conduct a continuous customer satisfaction survey. This is possible with GrowPromoter because researching customer experiences can take place very easily. Always with a few short questions at the right time.

Questions for customer experience surveys of municipal institutions

Governments and municipal institutions can use different measurement methods to investigate customer experiences. The best known is probably the Net Promoter Score (NPS). That is certainly interesting, but we also like to look further. Because just one smart follow-up question can provide you with much more valuable feedback. And other types of research questions can also be valuable when investigating customer experiences by municipal institutions.

Consider, for example, the Customer Effort Score (CES), which indicates the extent to which someone feels they have to make an effort to complete an action. With GrowPromoter you remain flexible to ask very different types of research questions. Our Experience Experts can tell you all about the different measurement methods and their advantages and disadvantages.

Coherence with staff satisfaction survey and HRM municipalities

With the increased tightness on the labor market and the challenges in the field of personnel policy (HRM), the personnel satisfaction survey at municipalities is also becoming increasingly important. Because the organizations of governments and municipal institutions are in full development. Then it is even more important to bind, develop or recruit employees with the right competencies. To this end, examining staff satisfaction and their needs with an employee satisfaction survey (MTO) or a modern employee satisfaction survey is very valuable.

The measured employee experience (EX) from staff satisfaction surveys is also important for the customer satisfaction survey of the government and municipal institutions. And vice versa! After all, it is mainly satisfied civil servants that lead to satisfied customers. And customer experiences (or the customer experience: CX) and customer needs are increasingly determining the personnel policy of organizations and the development of employees.

That is why you can use the GrowPromoter measurement platform for customer satisfaction research and employee satisfaction research, including the relationship between CX and EX. But the satisfaction survey often starts at one end: among citizens or employees. You can simply link the other satisfaction survey to it later.

Became curious?

Or do you have other questions about research into customer or employee satisfaction surveys at (semi) government or municipal institutions? Ask us your question directly and without obligation.

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