Has the onboarding of the new employees been successful?

The Onboarding scan determines whether the onboarding of new employees has been successful and whether there are areas for improvement. So that the early outflow and recruitment costs decrease and employees continue to work for your organization for more than a year with pleasure and success.

Organizations invest a lot of time and money in recruiting good candidates. It takes an average of twelve months before new employees have found their feet and function fully independently. Employers often underestimate this.

New employees are then left with many questions during their first months. For example, about their role in the team, how they fulfill their position or – often less consciously – about the corporate culture. If this is not well organised, people nowadays walk away after three to six months. And don't blame them. Therefore, take a closer look at the 'onboarding' phase.

On-boarding scan

The Onboarding scan consists of 3 measurements in the first year of employment:

    1. the first measurement 5 days after the first working day

    2. second measurement after 5 months

    3. third measurement after 12 months

Important advantages: 

  • corporate style formatting
  • built-in alert function for onboarding problems
  • smart dashboards on the different aspects of onboarding
  • Customer Success Manager 'dedicated' available
  • Start measuring within 4 weeks

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