Retail: customer experiences and employee satisfaction

Retail organizations and chain stores naturally pay a lot of attention to customer experiences and customer satisfaction surveys. The employee satisfaction survey (MTO) often lagged behind in retail companies, but it has also made considerable progress in recent years. Not only due to increasing staff shortages, but also to better train the often young employees in stores to become advisors for customers. Retail companies see this in the growing satisfaction of employees and customers.

Customer satisfaction survey retail and chain stores

Customer Satisfaction Survey for retail-companies is has always been a strong leader in the field of experience research. Especially since the advance of web shops and the increase in the number of communication channels (for example via social media). But also because the boundaries between shops in the street and online are fading. Many stores are both these days. That is why many retail and chain stores want to measure customer experiences in their stores and online. With modern feedback systems, this can be done continuously and always with a few short questions. This provides the stores with valuable feedback about the customer experience (CX) to continuously adjust their approach for an optimal and unambiguous customer experience.

Researching customer experiences at 'customer travel agency'

A company that goes a long way in researching customer experiences is Coolblue. In order not only to compete on price, we strive for perfect service. For example, by realizing the ultimate washing machine delivery. For this, a lot of customer satisfaction research is done and a lot of data is collected. As a result, according to the founders, the company is no longer a retail or e-commerce company, but mainly a customer travel agency. Employees also play a crucial role in this development.

Employee satisfaction survey (MTO) at retail companies

Due to the great dynamics and the many changes that retail and chain stores are dealing with, their attention to employee satisfaction survey (MTO) and the employee experience (EX) greatly grown. For example for employer branding or to be able to retain employees with the desired competences in a changing market. Or to be able to develop these talents in a targeted way. That is why the focus on customer experiences and employee satisfaction in retail and chain stores is on the rise and more and more modern employee satisfaction surveys are being carried out. This is increasingly happening continuously and with a few short and smart questions.

Better advice for customers after employee satisfaction survey

Retail companies also use employee satisfaction surveys to train and educate employees to become better experts and advisors for customers. We see that happening a lot at hardware stores, for example, but supermarkets are also increasingly focusing on this. In the coming years, the employee satisfaction survey will increasingly be measured in combination with customer satisfaction surveys. After all, it is mainly satisfied employees that lead to satisfied customers. With our online measurement platform, the CX and EX can be measured, including the mutual relationship. This is valuable for getting a good picture of customer experiences and employee satisfaction in retail companies and for being able to steer accordingly.

Measurement moments for staff satisfaction surveys in retail

Employee satisfaction is often measured at a number of fixed moments. In the retail sector, this staff satisfaction survey no longer only takes place at the start and end of employment, but rather at the important moments throughout the year. Contacts with employees about their development and training moments can also be very suitable for this, for example. In this way, the possibilities and needs of employees remain clearly visible. Focused work on this translates in retail and chain stores not only into less outflow and absenteeism, but also directly into higher customer satisfaction. Count out your profit.

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