Patient satisfaction survey care is more than PREM and PROM

Patient satisfaction surveys at health care institutions are still mainly dominated by the measurements imposed by health insurers. A lot of valuable information is not yet collected in this patient satisfaction survey, which mainly consists of PREM and PROM surveys and questionnaires. Measuring the subjective experienced experiences of patients in particular is becoming increasingly important. Other measurement methods are also interesting for this purpose. A model by professor Sjaak Bloem with only seven questions, for example, is valuable for actually offering patients customized care.

Advance of patient satisfaction surveys in health care institutions

Research into patient satisfaction by healthcare institutions has expanded enormously since the introduction of regulated market forces in healthcare (2006). Since then, research into patient experiences and patient satisfaction in healthcare has been strongly imposed by health insurers. Well-known methods in patient satisfaction research are PROM (Patient Reported Outcome Measures) and PREM (Patient Reported Experience Measures), with their own surveys and questionnaires.

A disadvantage of the imposed nature is that it negates the own, autonomous drive of healthcare institutions to conduct additional research themselves. This intrinsic motivation is important for collecting control information in order to actually work on better care processes, care quality, higher patient satisfaction and, for example, offering more customized care.

More attention to health perception in patient satisfaction survey

Gelukkig sluit de ene ontwikkeling de andere niet uit. Zorginstellingen kunnen naast hun verplichte onderzoeken naar patiënttevredenheid in hun patiënttevredenheidsenquête en vragenlijsten ook extra vragen stellen over patiënttevredenheid. Juist voor die punten die die zijzelf belangrijk vinden.

An important development that we see at the more than twenty healthcare institutions that use GrowPromoter for their research into patient satisfaction (and employee satisfaction) is the increasing focus on subjectively measured health perception. The results of these measurements in patient satisfaction surveys are important for providing customized care and important new steps are expected to be taken in the coming years.

Also look beyond PREM and PROM surveys and questionnaires

In the field of patient satisfaction, other measurement methods can be used in addition to the many PREM and PROM surveys and questionnaires. An interesting example for this is the model of professor Sjaak Bloem from Nyenrode Business Universiteit (chair Health care consumers & experienced health). This model contains only seven questions for patient satisfaction survey.

In addition to one NPS question (for the Net Promoter Score), which health insurers also find so important, six questions focus on the acceptance and control experienced by the patient. Three questions in the survey are about the extent to which a patient accepts his illness. The other three are about how he experiences his own control over the disease. When those scores are laid out along an X-axis and Y-axis, four quadrants are created. These four areas of the patient satisfaction survey are valuable for tailoring the (tailor-made) care offer for clients.

Stay flexible with measurement methods and questionnaires in healthcare

If healthcare institutions really want to benefit from their patient satisfaction surveys in addition to their mandatory patient satisfaction surveys, they must above all ensure that their measurement platform is flexible. Then they can carry out different measuring methods for satisfaction research side by side. Whether it concerns patient satisfaction or employee satisfaction (and their correlation!) or the measurement methods used (NPS, PREM, PROM or, for example, CES: the Customer Effort Score).

With our online measurement platform, organizations remain flexible for the use of all necessary surveys and questionnaires. The experience experts at GrowPromoter (with extensive measurement experience in the healthcare sector) explain the various measurement methods to healthcare institutions and help them to ask the right smart questions at the right time. For example, a patient satisfaction survey (or other satisfaction survey) can really contribute to better quality of care and higher patient satisfaction.

Healthcare institutions that are interested in the measurement method with the seven questions from Sjaak Bloem can also contact us for this. We at GrowPromoter will be working hard with this model in the near future. So to be continued.

Became curious?

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