MTO important for Equipment companies

Satisfied staff in particular leads to satisfied customers, according to an old HR wisdom. This applies to all sectors, but probably nowhere as strongly as with technical Equipment companies. It is precisely here that employees make the big difference for customers. Satisfaction research here is therefore not only aimed at customers, but also very strongly at the experience, satisfaction and growth potential of employees. Other sectors can often learn something from this employee satisfaction survey.

Employee and customer satisfaction surveys count

In the Machinery & Equipment sector, companies mainly ensure satisfied customers with their service. Whether it concerns work on machines, aerial work platforms, excavators or, for example, industrial turbines. These machines and equipment must of course be good, but it is especially with their service that the companies make the big difference compared to competitors. Then the knowledge of technicians, their way of acting and support that customers experience counts. Employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction in equipment companies are therefore both important points for attention. In this sector a relatively large amount of staff satisfaction surveys are carried out. And that is translated into the personnel policy and training activities of these companies.

Employee satisfaction survey not only due to staff shortage

Naturally, economic developments influence these trends. At the start of the economic crisis, about 20 percent of industry satisfaction surveys focused on employees (80 percent on customers). But now we see that this is certainly already about 30 percent. That is a relatively large number, especially when compared to other sectors.

Of course, the scarcity of technical personnel also plays a role in Equipment companies. Because by properly monitoring employee satisfaction, employees are better bound and the working environment can be made more attractive for new talents. But that alone is not enough to explain the great attention to measuring employee satisfaction and employee experience (EX) explain. In this case, that is also the key to higher customer satisfaction and therefore the growth and success of the companies.

Employee satisfaction survey in practice

A company like CAT (Caterpillar) – global market leader in their field – works with the GrowPromoter measurement platform for the satisfaction survey. This allows them to customer experience (CX) measure and conduct a staff satisfaction survey (and measure the mutual cohesion). This offers new insights to continue to develop work processes, personnel policy, organizational development and training policy in a targeted manner.

Measuring the correlation between employee and customer satisfaction is still sporadic at the moment, but this offers interesting new opportunities. For example, Equipment companies can link customers to employees with whom they have the best click. With modern feedback software, companies can also conduct the satisfaction survey required for this in an increasingly accessible, faster and continuous manner.

Hunger for data on employee satisfaction continues to grow

Customer needs are also increasingly leading the composition of the workforce. In addition, the increasing staff shortages continue to stimulate the hunger for more information about employee satisfaction. In this sector, this certainly no longer only applies to technical professionals, but increasingly also to other functions, for example in the field of sales.

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