Care institutions and home care leave a lot of satisfaction with measurement

Measuring employee satisfaction at healthcare institutions is becoming increasingly common, but mainly as an obligation for the quality system and certification. It is mainly a small vanguard of hospitals, home care institutions, care for the disabled, elderly care and, for example, private clinics that are taking their survey system and survey software for healthcare a step further. They do this for their organizational development, staff retention and, for example, reducing work pressure. Also because it is precisely in healthcare and home care that employee satisfaction and patient satisfaction strongly influence each other.

How do healthcare institutions measure employee satisfaction in practice?

For many healthcare institutions, the requirements of their quality management system are still leading for measuring their employee satisfaction. The survey system that healthcare institutions use for this employee satisfaction survey (MTO) is very diverse. From the long paper questionnaires that employees spend an hour or more on, to online survey software for the healthcare sector. With modern survey software for healthcare institutions, employees regularly answer a few short questions. They are usually ready within two minutes. This makes frequent and continuous measurement possible.

Modern survey software offers healthcare valuable insights

A modern survey system with online survey software and asking a few short, smart questions each time gives inhome care, hospitals, care for the elderly, care for the disabled and other care institutions better and up-to-date feedback on employee satisfaction. This therefore provides more insights and management information. That is valuable, at least if you also want to do more than just mandatory measurement to comply with quality standards (such as NEN or ISO certification).

In this area, healthcare institutions are still lagging far behind the business community. Perhaps precisely because measurements for employee satisfaction or patient satisfaction in healthcare are often imposed. And when something has to be done, it is less fun in advance or it seems less attractive. That is a shame, because the control information that smart metering can provide is very valuable for the many challenges that healthcare institutions face. Think of the increasing staff shortages or the need to do more with less or the same budget. With good management information, targeted actions can be initiated for this purpose.

Motives for modern survey system of healthcare institutions

Healthcare institutions that already use a modern survey system and survey software for healthcare do so mainly for their organizational development. With their self-selected measurements, they can better monitor employee satisfaction and take targeted actions. Often this also happens because they run into acute problems. For example, due to the departure of employees, difficulty in retaining or developing staff and, of course, the increasingly tight labor market. Among the more than twenty healthcare institutions that work with the GrowPromoter measurement platform for this purpose, there are a striking number of providers of pharmaceutical care (pharmacies).

Relationship between employee satisfaction and patient satisfaction

It is not the case that these pharmacies and healthcare institutions only use the online survey software for employee satisfaction survey (MTO). In hospitals, home care, elderly care, dentists and private clinics, the focus is almost always on measuring patient satisfaction.

With the GrowPromoter survey software, employee satisfaction and patient satisfaction can be measured. And also the connection between the two. That is precisely what is interesting for healthcare, because employee satisfaction has a major impact on patient satisfaction and vice versa. Satisfied staff in particular ensures satisfied patients and if patient experiences deteriorate, the workload for healthcare employees usually increases immediately. This connection is therefore extremely interesting for healthcare institutions.

Even if working according to protocols is abandoned, monitoring employee satisfaction is interesting. This often immediately leads to higher employee satisfaction and it is valuable to monitor this process properly so that direct and targeted adjustments can always be made.

Requirements to properly measure employee satisfaction in healthcare

For all different types of measurements in healthcare, healthcare institutions mainly need a flexible survey system. Not only can patient satisfaction and employee satisfaction (and their relationship) be measured with this, but it can also be done with different measurement systems. In addition to the well-known Net Promoter Score (NPS) for example, the CES (Customer Effort Score) come in handy. The CES indicates the extent to which someone (in his opinion) has to make an effort to carry out an action.

In addition to this flexibility, the major challenge for healthcare institutions is to always ask the right smart questions at the right time. That is an art in itself. That is why the experience experts of GrowPromoter (with a lot of experience and knowledge about measuring in healthcare) help our healthcare customers to ask the right questions. Healthcare institutions see all measurement results continuously and in real time on their online dashboard. This allows them to take immediate action to work really well and purposefully on their employee satisfaction. For example, measuring employee satisfaction yields much more than just the mandatory measurements for the quality system.

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