Customer satisfaction for car companies presents major challenges for HRM

The auto industry is upside down. Not just through electric driving or Tesla. The car buyers have also changed completely. All companies in this sector must take this into account, especially in their personnel policy. For dealers and other sellers, feeling customers and thinking along with them has become increasingly important. HRM can help with this by paying more attention to the experiences and skills of employees.

Turmoil in the Automotive sector

Our economy is running at full speed, but for many car companies it is currently bending or bursting. Because the automotive world is changing rapidly. A large car brand regularly goes bankrupt (such as Saab, Rover or Alfa Romeo Netherlands). Within the Netherlands, there are mainly bankruptcies and acquisitions of dealer organizations. Also the online sales has repercussions on car sales in showrooms. Customers in showrooms have also become more erratic and less predictable.

In the past, 'the car buyer' was often a man with a passion for speed, nice buttons and horsepower. Nowadays, customers are increasingly looking for a 'mobility solution'. That's not necessarily a car. The decision maker is also increasingly a woman. It has become increasingly important to feel good about customers, to inform them well and to think along with them. And that is precisely what goes a lot better when employees enjoy their work and have the right competencies and knowledge. Therein lies an important challenge for HR professionals.

More attention for car company employees

Customer satisfaction has always been a critical lynchpin in the automotive industry. This is also an important factor in the assessment of dealer performance, which determines dealer bonuses, for example.

But it is no longer just about customer satisfaction and customer experience (CX). The happiness at work and the skills of employees are also becoming increasingly important. A better CX in this sector runs very strongly through the employee experience (EX). And then we haven't even mentioned the increasing staff shortages, which means that being able to attract and retain employees with the right skills is also becoming increasingly important.

Action points immediately after measurements

In order to keep a good eye on the growth potential, perception and satisfaction of staff, companies in the Automotive chain conduct a relatively large amount of research into the perception of employees. With a modern measurement platform (such as GrowPromoter) this can be done very easily and continuously. As a result, HR professionals and other users can always make quick adjustments to keep staff skilled, motivated and well-developed.

The action points that emerge from these EX measurements can be very diverse. Sometimes it is valuable input for coaching or a development interview with an employee. Other times it may be a reason to follow a training course or to further develop certain soft skills. A major difference with the past is that organizations can now immediately initiate actions. They no longer have to wait for the results of their 'biannual employee satisfaction survey'. And it is precisely this speed and the ability to switch quickly that is what companies in this sector need.

Became curious?

Would you like to know more about satisfaction surveys among employees, customers or both? Or about the possibilities that GrowPromoter offers for your organization? Ask us your question directly and without obligation.

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