8 major advantages of a short questionnaire for employee surveys

To measure the perception and experiences of staff, the long questionnaire of the classic 'MTO' (employee satisfaction survey) is increasingly being replaced by the short questionnaire for employee survey. This ensures more and better feedback and therefore more valuable management information. But a short questionnaire has more advantages, including advantages that you probably do not immediately think of in advance.

In recent years, major steps have been taken to move away from the traditional long questionnaire for employee surveys. New online technology and platforms (such as GrowPromoter) make it possible to collect the desired feedback within two minutes with a short questionnaire of a maximum of four questions. And that is possible during all moments of the employee phase: from the recruitment and training period to leave, farewell and afterwards. A short questionnaire is easily accessible and has many more advantages for employee research.

    1. Time savings for employees and processing

With a short questionnaire for employee survey, it takes employees much less time to answer (at that time) most important questions about their experience. A traditional MTO used to take you an hour or more. Answering up to four smart questions within two minutes is much faster and saves time. A short questionnaire also saves a lot of time during the employee survey when processing the results. With an online measurement, responses no longer have to be processed manually. The results are (with the GrowPromoter platform) real-time displayed on a dashboard. That also saves a lot of time in organizations.

    2. Higher response to employee survey

By working with a short questionnaire, staff are more inclined to participate in the employee survey. This ensures a higher response rate. And that is very valuable when measuring the employee experience (EX). Because the results then weigh more heavily and are even better substantiated.

    3. Save costs with a short employee survey questionnaire

A short questionnaire saves time and therefore costs. The biggest saving is in not having to process the results collected online. In this way, the employee survey no longer requires external parties or its own employees to carry out those activities.

    4. Continuous measurement with a short job satisfaction questionnaire

A short questionnaire for job satisfaction can be used more often, of course always at a relevant time. Employees do not mind completing a short questionnaire, for example, four times a year. This allows continuous measurement for the employee survey. Important outcomes and issues in the field of job satisfaction emerge much earlier with a short questionnaire. This immediately provides management information to improve processes in the organization and to take actions for a better relationship with employees.

    5. More top-of-mind feedback

Because staff answer quickly and easily with a short questionnaire, employee surveys provide more up-to-date feedback. This top of mind feedback says a lot about things that are going on at that moment. So you can also take action faster if necessary.

    6. More insight into priorities from employees

A short questionnaire not only ensures a higher response rate and more valuable feedback. Because staff participate more quickly in this modern employee survey, it also provides more insight into the priorities that employees themselves see within the organization. That can be very valuable.

    7. Anonymity in the personnel survey questionnaires

An advantage of a modern short questionnaire can also be that it is easily possible to allow employees to participate anonymously in the personnel survey. This way, employees can freely express their opinion about the organization. The feedback from the employee survey is saved and shown on the dashboard with results, but without information about the sender of the questionnaire. This can provide more valuable and honest feedback in a personnel survey.

    8. More management information from employee survey

It may sound contradictory, but a short questionnaire can provide more important management information. This is because the employee survey uses smart main and sub-questions to directly ask questions about important components. This is also possible within a maximum of four questions. By also providing characteristics for making analyses, new in-depth steps can be made quickly. For example, to have the employee survey also provide insight into differences between departments, branches, disciplines, countries or regions. Use it to your advantage!

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